Malhotra Group was founded in the foothills of Shivalik range of Mountains in a sub-urban town of Punjab in the year 1972 as a cotton textile re-seller unit .

In 1982, the group enthused into the Consumer Electronics industry by joining hands with the leading market brand of that time i.e., Godrej and opened its first electronics wholesale outlet for B2B at Garhshankar.

By 1988, it graduated to open its new office at Hoshiarpur and eventually catered to the demands of more then 100 retailers of the region.

In 1994, looking at the demand of the public at large, Malhotra Electronics launched its first retail outlet at Nawanshahar to serve the end user directly without any middlemen. By 1996, Malhotra group then opened up their wholesale office at Jalandhar which later on merged into Hoshiarpur's wholesale office. Looking at the demand, today the group has 4 retail showrooms of electronics and 2 of textile. The strategy for the electronics business was identical to what had successfully been implemented in the textile business – creating the facilities for the ease of its customers. The group is today the only large regional chain of electronics retail outlets, catering approximately 80 percent of its sales to the top-1 class clients viz. bureaucrats, government officials, industrialists, businessmen etc who appreciates our highly qualified and warm staff.

Since its inception, Malhotra Electronics has always endeavored to create its space in the heart of its clients who want nothing but the best. Aiding the company in its efforts has been a carefully-planned and sustainable business model - low costs, high margins, high profits, reinvestment and capacity growth. Along the way, deep relationships have been forged with leading MNCs, with the result that today there are hardly any global brands with whom Malhotra Electronics is not associated with.

In 2006, the group announced its one each new retail outlets of textile and electronics at Garhshankar.
1972 Establishment of group.
Wholesale textile outlet opened at Garhshankar, Punjab
1982 New SBU of consumer electronics business formed with opening of its first wholesale office for the same at Garhshankar, Punjab.
Wholesale textile outlet opened at Garhshankar, Punjab
1988 New wholesale cum retail showroom for electronics business opened at Hoshiarpur, Punjab
1994 First retail dedicated showroom for electronics opened at Nawanshahar, Punjab
1996 New wholesale office for electronics opened at Jalandhar, Punjab
Got India’s No. 1 Seller Award from Godrej.
2006 One each retail showrooms for textile and electronics opened at Garhshankar, Punjab.
Got India’s No. 1 Seller Award from Godrej.
2007 ISO 9001 Certification for Hoshiarpur Showroom, which is region’s only electronics showroom to get the same.
2008 Launching of region’s 1st Virtual 3D Theatre Zone in Hoshiarpur Showroom.
Vision and Mission
"Adding comforts and happiness in everyone’s life across through high quality products and services."
We will drive growth through our excellence in customer awareness.
We will move up the value chain through rapid development in services.
We will leverage our relationships, distribution and "can do" attitude to become a market leader in every business.
Board of Directors

HBL Malhotra (Chairman)
HBL Malhotra founded the group in the early 70s. Prior founding the group, HBL Malhotra served the Thapar Group in West Bengal as Chief Accounts Officer. HBL Malhotra, is a leading social worker also. He is actively associated with organizations working for the betterment of women and girl child.

Rajinder K. Malhotra (Managing Director)
Rajinder K. Malhotra provides strategic direction to the company. He is the driving force in creating an environment of integrity by ensuring fair business practices. It is his ceaseless quest for human capital development that has helped steer the company along a continuous growth path. A leading spokesman for the society, Rajinder K Malhotra has never shied from speaking his mind and sharing his opinions. He is also Secratery of the Electronics Traders Association, a non-profit autonomous organization working for the benefits of Consumer Durables Industry in Punjab, India. In the year 1996, he was awarded the ‘Star Of India’ by GE in USA.

Ravinder K. Malhotra (Executive Director)
Ravinder K. Malhotra joined Malhotra Electronics in 1982 and has been Executive Director since 1986. In this capacity, he was instrumental in setting up electronics business. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Umesh Malhotra (Whole Time Director)
Umesh Malhotra is a Whole-Time Director of the Company. A graduate from GND University, he has over two decades of experience in managing businesses. As Director (Textile Business), he has been closely involved with the company's growth since its inception.

Raman Malhotra (Whole Time Director)
Raman Malhotra joined Malhotra Electronics in 1994. A science graduate from Punjab University, he always strived hard to serve the customers with please. Raman Malhotra also participates actively to serve the society at large.

Rajiv Malhotra (Director Sales)
Rajiv Malhotra has joined the group in 2008. He is an MBA from Rayat Institute of Management, Ropar (Chandigarh) and an accounts graduate. He earlier worked with leading consumer durable company General Electric for 1 year. He holds expertise in pricing strategies, client relations and needs assessment, marketing, financial management, purchasing, administration and staff training, supervision and motivation and liaison with Government Departments. Top education institutes also invites Rajiv Malhotra as a guest lecturer for there Management students.

Ritesh Malhotra (Director)
Ritesh Malhotra brings with him a lot of energy and new visions for the new era of technology from international markets. He brought with him a complete makeover to the retail outlets of the group to bring the synergy in all showrooms. He is also an MBA.